I noticed late last night that little Ace was keeping to himself and not quite himself since we began our trip. I have told ALL of my new puppy families that the stress of a change of environment is a common trigger for issues – mostly hypoglycemia. That is exactly what our little guy experienced.

We first got him stable – Kayro Syrup on the tongue and a dropper full of Pedialyte got him back with us enough to transport him to see Dr Mario. He is just so tiny – I needed to make sure that we had all of our bases covered. The long drive didn’t help relieve the stress but at 1 lb, he is quite a fighter .

Because of his tiny size, we decided to treat him with Albon to prevent any other stress induced problems. Needless to say he will be staying here with us for a while longer. The other two pups are much bigger than him and he is always fighting for food – Medications wipe the microflora out of tiny puppies which adds a whole new set of issues. Little Ace is being handfed a special diet that is easy on his tummy, along with yogurt, to help bring those active ingredients back into his system. Every two hours we get to bond with this special guy – and he get his never ending tail wag and tons of kisses in return. Be sure to keep him in your thoughts!

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