…and sportin a milk mustache! I am still bottle feeding her every two hours – hoping she will start to catch up. She is slowly – VERY slowing gaining but not as much as I would like to see. She is still feisty and active with mommy so that gives me hope.

I am anal when it comes to record keeping. I have specially designed notebooks that track everything on my dogs and each and every pup born here. Not only does it prove genetics are the key to EVERYTHING but it helps ease my concerns for our little sweetie here.

Looking at Baby and her past pups, I see some common denominators for sure. She is equally anal in the cleaning department. The whelping box is kept spotless along with her pups. She is constantly licking them to the point where her own nose is raw. When she stimulates the pup to potty, her response shows her feistiness. She also had a slow to grow pup in her last litter. Little Capi was behind for several weeks and then around the 9 week mark just blossomed! He was the runt – a classic runt of the litter too.

Doc thinks our new sweetie is the runt to a little of one. So I treat her as such. I will continue to supplement her mommy feedings and wait for her catch up.

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