Tonight we were all on the couch chilling and watching a movie. The dogs were in their regular spots – all cuddled up in our laps, on our shoulders and in any crevasse they could find. About 10 minutes in, Baby came crawling out to the edge of the couch panting away.

My first thought was, “Ahhh, she got hot in the huddle”. But then the panting didn’t stop. When she looked up at me with those eyes – you know – eyes with that distant look in them – I thought, “Good Gawd! She IS Pregnant!!!”

Luckily, I am anal and overly prepared in almost everything in my life so prepping wasn’t too difficult. Whelping box pool, a load for fresh towels and my whelping supply wheelie cart – voila! We were set up in my bathroom.

So here we sit – waiting. She is still in stage 1 and obviously uncomfy. I was finally able to get a good feel of her belly now that we have muscle contractions and I felt on small mass son the right side. Her last delivery went rather quickly – lets see how this one goes!

Don't Think the Stork Will Be Visiting This Month
She's Here!