…and with Dr. Mario’s new Discount Pet Vaccine clinic open and so close to us, we took all 9 of the dogs up to get their annual vaccines. Doc gave them all a perfect bill of health and we will be heading back again next weekend for their annual rabies vaccines (you really should have them administered separately – MUCH easier on their little systems)

He has only been open a month and is rockin. I love the fact that you have a chance to get those vaccines out of the way on the weekend. That’s when I have extra sets of hands to help me cart them around. Weekdays are so difficult.

For anyone living in the Central Florida area, I totally recommend bringing your pets up to see him for their vaccines. He is such a compassionate man that takes time out for you and all of your questions. And since his clinic is a permanent location – not one of those temporary mobile set-ups – you get to build a relationship with him even if it is only an annual visit!

The dogs came home an RAN for the food and water bowl. Getting poked and prodded all while it is storming outside can reek havoc on such small dogs. Maybe I will pop in a movie and have a napfest on the couch after they all potty.

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