We have been using this old baby gate to separate the living room from our foyer for FOREVER! It was a quick fix way back when while we had our puppy playpen set up for one of Lisa’s litters. It has done the job but is a major pain in the rear! Our gate jumpers scale it and our very smart ones paw it loose and wiggle around it.

evenflo_gateI have ordered this Evenflo baby gate and hope it will be a better fit. The fact that it has an opening door is a huge plus. It is tall enough to keep our jumpers from escaping and can not be pawed from the wall. Let’s hope it is the perfect replacement.

One thing I do wish to share is that if an item has the word “Dog” or “Puppy” attached to it, the price seems to quadruple. Be sure to shop around for non-pet items as they too can do the trick!

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