parlor_pet_chisI pulled out the sewing machine this weekend to make more harnesses – Custom orders as well as some new sizes and colors. While gathering fabric I fell upon these ADORABLE patterns called Parlor Pets with the most precious Chihuahua. I just had to give it a whirl.

The pattern called for a solid color but I decided to kick it up a notch and customize them – recreating one of each of or dogs. The first three that I made are of Dude, Blue and JB. See the resemblance??? SO STINKIN CUTE!!!

Well, the requests are already coming in and I have my remaining dogs to create too. With so much interest in customized chichis, I thought I would put them out as an option in our ChiChi Gear section. I will have them available by the end of next weekend I would hope. In the mean time, send me a pic and an email. You too can get your own custom stuffed Chi Chi for $20.00!!!!

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