Dewey is truly attached to me. Next to his daddy’s attachment, Dewey comes in a very close second. He follows me everywhere and when I am on the couch, generally lays across the top of my shoulders behind my neck. I am sure as a dog looking at the world from the 2 and a half pound level, things can be very scary – so I must bring him comfort and a feeling of safety.

Today, I ran upstairs to take a shower and accidentally left the door to my room open. I wasn’t up there 2 minutes and after washing the soap from my eyes, I looked down and there was Dewey in the shower with me. I immediately began second-guessing myself and wondered if I had left the new gate open.

To my surprise, he can actually fit between the bars of the gate!!!! I knew he was attached to me but had no idea to what extent he would go to be at my side. I normally would find him at the gate looking up at me upon my return.

He will not walk THROUGH the gate unless I have left the room. So it “somewhat” contains him and completely contains the others.

Our New Gate
Look Who Came To Visit!!!