The dogs have been on the same food for a very long time now. I am sure that just like us humans, the same food, day after day, can become quite boring. Chihuahua’s as a breed are generally finicky eaters. Finding a food they will eat is often hard. Personally, I think this is yet another one of those genetic traits that gets passed down through the generations. NONE of our dogs are finicky eaters – thank goodness!

Lately they have been picking out the Natural Balance and devouring the Royal Canin – leaving the left overs for last. Typical aye? Just like kids – they are eating the pasta before the veggies! Natural Balance is the all natural food. Royal Canin is a very good food – it’s just that Natural Balance is so much better FOR them.

Looks like I will need to go back to researching a new all natural food for them. In the meantime, perhaps we should try just the RC – It’s that or wade through piles of the picked out bits.

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