Today, Dewey came along for our playdate, which was spent watching all of the kids play and cool off in the pool. Periodically, Dewey would get down to sniff around but would quickly beg to get back up into my lap. The longer we were there the longer he would explore – That was until their dog ran out of the house to check out the new dude on his turf! Dewey darted to avoid him but wasn’t looking where he was going and fell right into the pool.

The poor little guy bobbled like a bobber with only his head sticking out of the water. Not a single doggy paddle – just ChiChi eyes buggin out of his head. I quickly snatched him up to dry him off and calm his fears. Poor guy. It didn’t scare him off completey – he loved to dip his toes in the shallow end – but that was it!!

Needless to say it is good to know the little guy can’t swim! So sorry we had to learn it that way my sweet Dewey 🙁

Look Who Came To Visit!!!