The new boys have transitioned wonderfully over this past weekend. Tons of cuddle as well as play time with all of us has totally paid off. They have worked their way into the pack without a single issue. I also got to truly see their temperaments by sending one-on-one time with them. They are both rather laid-back pups and on the submissive side but they also have their individual traits.

Ben is the social one. He loves to run up to anyone in the room for loving and affection. He is the first to want out of the puppy playpen and the last to go back in. His ideal place is right beside you on the couch.

Jerry on the other hand is much less needy and more independent. He actually puts himself to sleep in the crate! He will jump over the threshold to the playpen to get in to sleep. But beside you on the couch is here this sweet baby loves to nap!

In just 3 days they both have mastered the pee-pad thang – VERY impressive!!!!! They will even hop into the playpen for potty breaks between play sessions. This is a sign of a very intelligent puppy and they both got it!

Dewey’s Double-Timin’
One Happy Lil Dude!