Poor Ginny – my sweet, sweet Ginny. She has NOT had a good day!!!!!

It started out with her inability to wake my deeply sleeping daughter. She’s really good about waking you up to go potty when she sleeps with you in bed. My daughter was too zonked to even think about responding. Thing is – this time she REALLY meant it! She HAD TO GO!!!! Next thing you know, my daughter is screaming with disgust as Ginny expelled her bowels on her bed!!! Soupy Poopie was everywhere and caked on sweet Ginny’s behind. Poor babies (notice the plural!!)

They were both rushed downstairs and hosed off. Everything was fine for a bit. My daughter was less freaked and Ginny was enjoying the attention given while receiving her after-bath blow-dry and brush. She sauntered off to nap on her favorite doggy bed and soaked up the sunlight. Suddenly, she stood up to secrete bile from her obviously upset tummy. At this point, it was time to call Doc.

A few more pokes and prods from Doc at his office later, it was confirmed that she obviously ate something that didn’t agree with her. Meds to ease the upset tummy and squirts and a prescription to rest, she is now doing just that. Poor Baby!

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