Ace is just the SWEETEST puppy in the whole world. There have been so many weird circumstances occur that have kept him here but I seriously have a very hard time understanding why he isn’t in a new forever home yet. He is so laid-back and calm. He loves to play with his other dog friends once he gets to know them and feels safe. After that, he is a perfect addition to any pack. He is not a needy boy – on the independent side. Totally not a yapper – he’s a cuddler. And then there is that face – and those eyes!!! He is a stunner!

He has steadily weighed in at 2 lbs 12 oz for close to 2 months now and hasn’t budged an ounce. With him being 5 months old, I am going to assume he is done growing – So he is going to be a tiny guy and the perfect lap buddy!

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