Cosmo is our gentle giant. Huge for the breed, he weighs in at 10 pounds and towers over all of our other chichis. He usually stays away from our new litters since when in large numbers, the pups tend to enjoy using him as a play toy. Once we are down to a few left is when he enjoys play sessions.

Over the last few weeks, he has had to adjust to Ace, then Capri and then of course, Ben and Jerry. Four puppies ranging in size, energy level and age. Once the pups get going, then Dewey jumps in, so that leaves Cosmo with 5 little ones using him as a jungle-gym.

Today he came running into the kitchen after one of these play sessions and just looked up at me with those eyes – as if trying to tell me HELP ME!!!!! Of course I couldn’t resist and I took him out back for some one-on-one time with me – away from all that child’s play.

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Keeping Guard