In the breeding world, I truly believe we must stick together. The pups born here can’t meet every potential forever family’s needs. When ever possible, I will direct families to other local breeders who have pups that better fit their needs.

I have also been able to place pups for other breeders who are in less convenient locations. Being right off of I4 makes it very easy for families to get to us. This weekend we get to help a fellow breeder by doing just that – help them place a couple of their puppies.

Welcome to Ben & Jerry! Two very sweet and cuddly boys that would make PERFECT family pups! I suspect their full grown weight to be in the 6lb range so they are nice and sturdy dogs for a family with kids. Ben is a medium coat black tri with the fluffiest coat! He LOVES to lay in your lap and cuddle for as long as he can. Jerry has the most unique hidden merle markings. His fawn spots are outlines with black rings. He too loves to cuddle and snuggle. Both are on the laid-back side but also love their play sessions. They also have some great champions in their AKC pedigrees!!!

Dewey’s Double-Timin’