Today we went up to see Doc for vaccines! Ace received his final – his rabies! YAHOOO! He is all done until next year! Capri got her second set of puppy boosters – and her first exam by Doc. I must admit he totally fell in LOVE! Granted, he loves all of our dogs – but she stole his heart – and he threaten to steal her!!!! 🙂

Seriously – photos don’t do justice for her beauty and simply cannot capture her amazing temperament! She quickly becomes everyone’s favorite and has totally made her love of life here apparent.

Our love of Capri aside, boosters can make a dog/puppy rather drowsy and this afternoon, this little sweetie FINALLY laid down for a good long nap! She is such an adorable ball of energy and to see her this zonked is a first!

Poor Buddy!!!!
Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now