Here they are in all their glory! Plumping up very nicely and filling in with color with each passing day. They may share the main color of black but that is their only similarity.

Brandy Alexander
This sweet little boy is the smaller of the two and will remain that way for a LONG time. He steadily stays about 3 ozs. smaller than his sister. He was born with apparent tan points, but the fawn strands are spreading as well as lightening. I can now see them up onto the back of his neck. His white socks just add to his unique markings.

Our puff-a-lump is a solid black with the only pure white remaining on her chest. The white on her toes is slowly being covered with black blotches. I assume she will have a small tip of white on a couple toes in the end, just like her mommy. She is growing just as quickly as her brother – she just had a jump start! I see her reaching 1lb before she ever reaches two weeks in age!

One Day Old
The One Week Mark