Well, it’s day 64 and she STILL hasn’t delivered! We had a false alarm yesterday – While running errands, we brought her with us. She started to pant but it stopped as soon as we got home and I put her in the whelping box. I can actually see her contractions but they are still slight and far between.

We base delivery dates on their first tie – looks as if that first tie didn’t take. She is DEFINITELY preggers – I can feel AND see them moving around! Her due date is just off. If I go by their second tie date, she could go as late as Sunday!

Tomorrow, we head out for a camping trip and I can only hope she delivers before we leave. We have the complete setup if she waits until the weekend – so we will just have to go with the flow. I hope to update the blog while we are gone – I so love wireless!!!!

Day 60 And Counting!
And So It Begins