In just over 30 minutes, Blue brought her two beautiful puppies into the world!

The first was a 4 3/4 oz black tri colored little boy. He has the most adorable white socks on his front legs with awesome tan markings. Right after he arrived, Blue got right to work and whelped her second pup – a black girl with white toes and belly markings. Now SHE is the reason I thought there was a possibility for two on the left side – this sweetie weighed in at 6 3/8 ozs!!!! That’s HUGE! I assume now that Blue has delivered two large pups that this will be a pattern for her. But these big pups don’t seem to grow beyond 6 lbs.

All I can say is these pups were well worth the wait. They are both adorable, healthy and active.  Can’t wait to see them grow!

PUSH Baby Push!
One Day Old