Man I wish they made costumes tiny enough for them to wear for their five week photos! Wouldn’t that be a cute picture?!? Well – I decided to go another route and capture their accomplishments. Potty on the pee-pad – CHECK! Eating puppy food and not nursing on mom except at night – CHECK! Not soiling  their crate – CHECK!!!! Sleeping all night in the crate CHECK! We are all so proud!!!

CC is just under 2lbs while Alex is still under the 1 and a half pound mark. She seems to be slowing down – which totally comes form his daddy’s side. But I still can not pin-point his exact color. This photo shows clearly what I have been describing. He is clearly lighter that his sister but I cannot confirm him as blue. Very much a dark DARK slate shade for sure though.

Settling In
This Is The FUN Part!