Just as with Blue’s last litter – the older they get the more things that pop up. At this age, Addington suddenly popped out his tan-points.  Looking back at his photos I can see them but they sure took a while to make themselves obvious.

Now I look at this litter at the two week mark and see things I didn’t see before. CC is clearly a solid black with white markings. Her ticking on her feet that I thought would blend to a more solid black have remained ticked – VERY unique. Then Alex’s tan points are lightening to more of a cream and I SWEAR his coat is lighter. Side-by-side – especially when they are laying with Blue – his coat is NOT black. I need more time to see what’s up. Either he is a dark steel blue or his tan points now include tan sabling and it is making his coat appear lighter. Either way – he is a STUNNER!

I Won The Bet!
Movin On Up