Those of us with dogs tend to gravitate towards tile flooring whenever possible. I have finally mastered the carpet cleaning issues but the tile has been on the back burner – allowing my Swiffer to be the band-aid.

Swiffers are as convenient as they are marketed to be. I will give them that. But with the amount of tile that I have to clean, I have had to replace mine twice. Take that total cost of 20.00 a piece and add the boxes of pads and bottle of cleaning solution and wham – I quickly reached the 300.00 mark quicker than I thought! After looking at the results, they were pacifying to say the least. A quick fix.

While flipping though the Sunday circulars, I noticed that Big Lots had the Shark steam cleaners on sale for 55.00!  The early bird does get the worm and the units advertised were sold out. But I was able to get the Monster for 60.00. I figured I would test it out and see if it could be a possible replacement for the Swiffer. Not holding breath I performed my test today..

Holy Hot Water!!! It works like a champ! They come with a washable pad and all you need to use is tap water!!! No more chemicals and no more need for scrubbing. I TOTALLY recommend the unit. It takes a bit more setup time but beyond worth it!

The Full Pack Is Back
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