…and they are right on target. Doubling their weight and plumping up very nicely. They are crawling all over the whelping box and exploring everything with their sense of small and of course – touch.

As with each mommy, we learn more with each litter they whelp. What I assumed was a large pup that grew leaps and bounds due to mom’s undivided attention and nutrients with her first litter has been kyboshed with her second. She simply has large, VERY FAST growing pups that level out towards then end of their growing stages. Ginny’s litters are the opposite.

This litter is maturing just as fast as Blue’s last. I am going to place a bet here and now – they too will have eyes open BEFORE the 2 week mark!!! I just feel it! They are just so much more advanced than the typical 1 week old pups!

4 Days Old
I Won The Bet!