Dewey's head in my photo shotI have had a heck of a time getting good light for the pup’s latest photo session. I prefer natural light and mother nature is just not playing nice. This week I pulled out my backdrops and moved to a different part of the house to give that a go. The lighting still wasn’t ideal but man did I get some absolutely adorable “outtakes”!!

Dewey is as attentive as a father as Blue is as a mommy! He watches over his puppies with a careful eye. Since I was on the other side of the gate (you know – the gate Dewey can walk right through the bars of) he sat on my lap for the photo session. This photo was when he popped up to check on them. This photo says it all about his parenting.

The second outtake is not only beyond precious but it captures their size, their odd color difference and their temperaments! CC is the confident one while Alex is a bit more laid back. Tell me this shot doesn’t capture that?

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