Alex and CC's Playdate at Karen'sWith little Alex being the only puppy left here, we decided it would be best if he didn’t come along on our coming trip. For the rest of our dogs its a free for all which can be a lot for a 9 week old puppy to handle. Karen was kind enough to puppy-sit him for us while we were gone and let me tell you- he had a FABULOUS time! Of course, he got to be with his sister which was just way too kewl – and a whole slew of other new playmates! Karen’s dogs accepted the new puppy pals with open paws.

This was also a new socialization lesson without mom and dad’s watchful eye! He learned more about playing fair and sharing as well as how to crawl up onto a chair and of course – jump down!!! I swear he looks like a flying squirrel!

CC Went Home Yesterday
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