CC at her new homeToday was the day! CC went home with Karen to join her pack of loveable ChiChis. I am SO honored to have one of my pups in her program – and SO excited to have the chance – first hand – to watch her grow. Getting updates on our pups is honestly priceless and the emails – especially with photos –  make my day! But I will get to really watch her grow.

She made her way into Karen’s pack with ease. She is such a confident little girl. Not dominant – confident! She dove right into play mode with her new brother Tuc and finally subdued to Boy’s incisive need to clean Chi ears.

While CC bonded with her new peeps and pups we headed out to Dr. Mario’s to get annuals for Dewey, rabies for Capri and 8 week boosters for Alex. They all did fabulous and were given a perfect bill of health!

8 Week Photo Shoot
Alex's Holiday Adventures