When close family friends of ours offered to watch little Ace back during our September camping trip, it was also a trial-period. They fell in love with him when he would go and spend the night with Alexis but wanted some quality time, one-on-one. That weekend cemented the idea and that is where he has been every since.

Well, after two months, their 15 year old dachshund has not been doing well at all – and Ace’s puppy playfulness has been a too much for him to handle. That and Ace’s male instinct to claim EVERYTHING by marking.

Ace is my pride and joy – a true testament to my breeding program. He was handed down each and every perfect gene from his parents and is our prefect stud-to-be. I am SO proud!!!

Today he came back home and it was as if he never left! He and his daddy, Buddy started playing within minutes and his Mommy walked up to clean his ears. Ace also picked right up where he left off with his bestest buddies Capri and Dewey. So cool to watch!

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