I am a true night owl – with a normal bed time of around 2am – being the last to retire in the house. Each of our dogs sleeps with different family members and the dogs have grown accustom to their nighttime schedule. When the kids go to bed at 9pm, their dogs are at the gate, ready to go. Baby and Ginny sleep with our oldest and my husband and I have Dewey and Dude. Dewey – my shadow – stays up late with me and always has enjoyed his quite, alone time with me. Now he has company!

When Ace returned, his sleep spot was to be with me. He had the option of going up to bed around 8pm with my hubby or staying up with me. He chose the second option and Dewey is loving the addition to the schedule! Ace on one side of my lap and Dewey wrapped around the back of my neck. I love the company too! And on these cold nights, we All enjoy the extra body heat!

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