The Dewman requires a sweater when the temps drop below 70! There is no meat on dem bones and the poor thing shakes like a dickens! If I may quote the little girl from Georgia that we met on our Thanksgiving weekend camping trip. “Oh My Word! He Looks Like He’s Fixin’ To Die” He is one tiny TINY dog that keeps no fat on him!

He never struggles when we put on his sweater. He actually appears to enjoy the warm relief! It’s after he has had it on for awhile and perhaps had the chill removed that he uses the steps up to the couch to try to work it off. Dragging his body back and forth, he works it from the shoulders down. Often times you will find him walking around with his sweater around his waist, like a skirt! But a guarantee, when he goes outside to potty, he is one happy guy wearing his sweater with pride!

Christmas Eve Dinner
Another Heat Miser