I realize that Blue has been through some odd situations lately. She went from having two pups at her side down to one then none and now back to one. In the middle of the puppy situation we threw in a location change to the camper which I am sure threw her for a loop. Now that we are home she is up to some odd antics that I have me perplexed. She is obsessed with the fireplace! The puppy play pen was set up right beside it and now that we are home, it has been put up for our next litter.

She whines and scratches from all side of the fireplace as though trying to get inside the walls. She jumps to try to get on the mantel and today she wiggled her way inside through the screen. I assume the icky feeling of ash on her paws has kept her from doing that again.

Now, it has been noted that dogs will hear bugs or other creepy crawlies behind walls and scratch to get to them. I might be inspired to call in an exterminator if any of the other eight dogs in the house was as alert and interested as she is. They just look at her as if to say “What is up with the crazy chick?”

It’s reminiscent of Cocoa when she had her false pregnancy and searched the house for her nonexistent puppies. I think the give and take of her pups has thrown her into a tizzy since her little girl didn’t come back. After two straight days of her obsession I am sure she will be over it by the weekend.

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