As with all homes, ours is a constant work in progress. On our list of things to do was to create a way to keep the dogs on the deck that runs the full length of our house. We have a few that will jump between the banisters to get down and chase squirrels and such. The original thought was to attach chicken wire around the railings to keep them contained. Chicken wire is our savior when it comes to keeping our adventurers from digging holes under our wooden fencing that surrounds the back yard. But it is so bendable! Our dogs are way too smart to not find a way to work the wire in their favor.

When I saw the Garden Fencing in the aisles at Home Depot, I thought it may do the trick! It’s made of a much thicker gauge of wire and comes in a roll. If you can believe it, it was about half the price too!  About a hundred staples and 30 minutes later – VOILA! The dogs are contained and the deck still looks pretty good!

A Bit Confuzzeled
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