Karen with Florida Chi and I headed out to Lakeland today for the  and were able to witness the Long Coat portion of the event. It’s normally the Smooth Coats we see but it appears there are a lot more LCs entering the ring lately. I personally love the LCs so it was a true treat for me!

Observations were as follows – Lighter coat color and VERY small sizes were the the majority and the number of LCs was double that of SC. I fell in love with and pegged the Best in Show dog the moment I saw him. A gorgeous sabled fawn named Mattie’s Bobbie. I was also thrilled to see Patricia Pittore bring a blue merle to the ring!! To avoid the rush-hour traffic (and whining kids stuck in the car) we headed back home just before the SC’s portion, but I got to see quite a few – Tons more fawns and creams. I would have loved to have seen more black and chocolates but took what I could get 🙂 All in all awesome day and awesome event!

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