Last night was our first conformation class and I think we were both  a little nervous. Often times, a handler is hired to show a dog until they have reached champion. If we are going to enter the show ring, I wanted to be a part of EACH part – including the handling! So off to the class I went with my pride and joy, Ace.

Karen told me all about the Orlando Dog Training Club and the classes that they offer. She too is interested in conformation training, so she brought Chica. (Who happens to be Bambi’s mom – you know – his latest girlfriend)

Ace at Conformation classAce is such a flashy boy and did awesome showing off his gait. It was the stacking and examination by a stranger that we need to work on. We were given some of the most awesome tips ever and told that with a bit of work, the little man will do great! If some strange woman walks up to you in PetCo and asks you to feed her dog with the treat she is handing you – Chances are it’s me! Please help the Ace-Man!

The experience itself seems to have boosted his self esteem too. He looks up at me with a little smile now, as though he and I have a new special bond that is only ours – Like he knows he special.  How cute is THAT?

Ace Has A New Girlfriend
Time For Obedience