With all of the harness vest and belly band making I do, I have always been on a search for the perfect “cocktail” fabric to use. I am not one for the cheesy patterns and such, so the fabrics I have found just were not up to my standards. I guess fabric with cocktails glasses and drinks are not in high demand because the pickin’s have been far and few between.

Well, last week I found the fabric and I couldn’t be more excited!!! I have a new vest design that I have been dieing to try out – which coincided with my discovery! Waverly has a collection of “candy” themed color schemes – this one being Good and Plenty – and the weight is thicker than my current lightweight vest design. I LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT!!!!

They have a couple other color schemes I need to get my hands on so I can make more masculine vests – All which will be my signature design!!! Can’t have a cocktail Chihuahua with out a cocktail harness vest right??? Once I get them all finished I will add them to the site for purchase 🙂

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