Man oh man, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I needed to thinking like a northerner when it came to raising a litter of newborn pups. This winter has been so unbelievably cold – keeping a whelping box at the ideal temperature has never been a real issue before. Now I need to think about keeping rooms above the chill zone!

We have a rotating electric heater in our bedroom now, keeping temps around 75 while the rest of the house is set to 68. Heat rising to the second level of the house just isn’t cutting it!

Ginny is taking it all in stride. She is such an awesome mommy! Nudging them in towards her for warmth, food – and of course a lil tushy clean too! The hum of the heater drowns out the every day noises coming from the level below – A nice little added bonus!

They're Here! All FIVE of Them!!!
WOW They Make Awesome Pups!