I knew she was carrying quite a load and that I was doubting my count of three for the last few weeks so a pleasant surprise would be the perfect way to describe the last three hours. For the first time, Ginny showed me her entire stage 1 of whelping, dragging out the day starting at 11 this morning. She desperately needed to be at my side every moment. Her usual tell tale sign of a twinge leading to being brought to the whelping box then wham – out them come – Not this time! Not even a pant this go-around.

The final stage started at 7pm and the first pup, a sable boy, arrived at 7:45. He the biggest in the litter, weighing in at 5oz. He has white markings, black on his muzzle and will lighten up over the next few weeks.

Just as in all Ginny litters the next puppy was crowning before we could get the first one detached! He is the second boy in the litter, a black with white markings little guy, only 3 1/4 oz, and possible tan points. I will be able to confirm once I see them all in natural light.

At 8pm the first girl in the litter made her way into the world, black with white marking. She has markings similar to Ace, with the white draping down from her back to her left front leg. She is the smallest, weighing in at 2 3/4 oz, but is far from a runt. They are all healthy and plump!

30 minutes later, our second girl arrived. She too is black with white markings and again, possible tan points. She has no white markings on her head, so I cannot wait to see her as she develops. She too is 3 1/4 oz, Ginny’s average puppy birth weight.

Ginny's Litter of Five Puppies Is Finally HereWhile nursing her first four, Ginny popped out the final puppy of the litter. A stunning cream and white female, weighing in at 4 3/4 oz – the second largest in the litter. Her coat should darken as she gets older – I expect it to settle to a light fawn. She will be another one that will be fun to watch!

All in all we have five beautiful and healthy long coat Chihuahua puppies. Be sure to watch the site and the blog for updates and stories as they grow!

And So We Wait
Settled in Quite Nicely