Capri is honesty the sweetest Chi ever! She loves both humans and dogs alike and takes everything is stride. But when friends and family visit, her sweet temperament always creates a confused look as one of us call out “Crappers” and she comes running in, tail wagging. Every dog in our house has a nickname and call name they respond to. My husband has this odd talent in creating bizarre nicknames for everyone. Capri’s is “Crappers”. This would be because she pooped on his chest the day we brought her home.

Well, the name obviously suits her even better now that I caught her in her latest trick. Our neighbor’s cat made a surprise visit to our backyard and left a little treat! Most dogs love to EAT cat poop – Not Capri! She likes to roll in it!!!!! Ewwwww! Needless to say she got a bath soon after!

Four Week Cuddle Buddies
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