We have a family outing scheduled for Saturday that will keep us from the house for over 6 hours. We have a few males that go through a bit of separation anxiety when we leave and their crate is the only way to calm their nerves. Since I created the first few cover sets, these same boys fight for the comfy crates every chance they can get.  This put me on the fast track to crate cover set completion so they all could have their own comfy spot for our full day outing.

Custom Dog Crate Pillow and Bumper PadsI have gotten several emails asking for more information on the sets so as I created today, I took photos of the different pieces. The first step is the pillow and bumper-pads.  Using the Simplicity 4713 Pattern for Pet Crate Covers, I created the pads in two formats. One for the door opening on the side and once opening for the front. I have two-door crates and stack them so that the side door is used mostly. Instead of using the foam per the instructions for the mattress, I made a pillow, using a lot of fiberfill. Chihuahua’s love to nest and dig – Foam doesn’t allow for that.

Custom Dog Crate Pillow and Bumper PadsThe second step is to create the cover. As much as the bumper-pad and pillow create comfy seclusion, the cover is the final piece providing security and solitude. Using the rolled window shade format from the pattern, I made a door for the front and side. The pattern sizes didn’t fit my crates for I sued their pieces as a guide and then customized per my needs. I also lined them in with a solid black backing, doubling the yardage per the patten, but the look is much more crisp and finished.

As of this evening, I finished all nine sets! Once you have one down, the rest are easy-breezy. If anyone is interested in creating them for their own Chi friends, contact me and I will share my hints in more detail 🙂






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