Custom Dog Crate Pillow and Bumper PadsI have been meaning to get to this project for years. Seriously! I have seen some fantastic dog crate covers out there, but when you have 12 crates – YIKERS!!!! It was getting a bit expensive. As much as I love giving our dogs the best possible, I couldn’t justify $2200.00 on covers to replace the blankets we have used thus far.

I found this fabo Simplicity pattern that included a dog crate cover, as well as bumper pads and a pillow. My mind went crazy nuts with ideas. I have two doored crates – one on the front and one on the side – so I modified the pattern and turned the window shade into doors.

Now the bumper pads and “mattress” were their instant favs! ALL the dogs immediately crawled into their crates and actually laid down to rest, fluffing their pillows to find the perfect spot. Once the covers were put into place, you could tell by their demeanor that they were in heaven. I have 4 complete sets completed. Only 8 more to go!!!!

Now while on the topic of crates, I have many new puppy peeps  question or comment on the “cruelty” of putting a dog in a crate. DOGS LOVES CRATES!! It is their den – something their instincts search out and when you provide them one, they will retreat to it all on their own. It’s like their own mini little home – Not a time-out chair.

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