I finally found a moment to snap photos of the new puppies while the sun was still out!!! The girls are doing SO great and gaining weight very nicely. They are still mirroring each other in weight but not in size.

Dixie Daiquiri
Perfect name don’t you think? Cute and cocktaily. Check out the recipe – I would say she shares the shade of pecans. She is up to 6.5 oz at two days old and is still short and stocky. I so love her white sock on her left front leg, but she has white toes on her remaining feet. She also has quite a bit of fawn on her face. I cannot wait to she how it blends as she gets older. I assume we will see more appear on her legs too!

Ebony Babe
She too is 6.5 oz but doesn’t share in the amount of white with her sister. Ebony does have a bit of white on some of her toes, but she is mostly black with point of tan (not as “fawn”)along her cheeks and down all of her legs. Unique and striking to go along with her more sleek and slender frame.

Temperament Tests
Well Wouldn't Ya Know It