Aimee says that the key to obedience training is getting the dogs accustom to wearing and using a collar.  I finally got my hands on the “masculine” cocktail fabric and finished the boy’s harness vests (which their all wear proudly!!!) and I have several yards left over that I found a perfect project to use it up with!

I discovered these fabo dog tags that would eliminate the annoying clinking sound the plastic dangling tags we have. Also, the plastic ones make a perfect tab for other dogs to yank on while they are playing. Being the newest chew toy in the house, I knew I had to find a better replacement.

By creating my own collars – to an exact size fit – I can slip them onto the strap before attaching the clips ends. PERFECT!!! Dewey was my mannequin to make my first attempt and he helped prove it was a success! Several issues resolved in one project. So love when that happens!

It Was A Chi Saturday!
Moment Captured!