Per the advice of Aimee, going back to scheduled feedings are required to truly be able to implement obedience training. WAY back when, we used to do two feedings a day but then we kept running into situations where feeding stable adults along with tiny three month old puppies requiring additional feedings to maintain sugar levels. Free feeding with a high quality food was the solution. Now is the ideal time to go back to the individual feedings with everyone “stable” with their sugars. And also, allow us to make the boiled chicken we use to treat for following commands to be as enticing as possible!

Today was the day! We started with breakfast and did it again at dinner time. Colada, Capri, Ace and Dewey are the only dogs that we have never fed individually and they are the only ones who took a bit longer to grasp the concept. But it didn’t take long! Colada and Capri felt inclined to share their two bowls with each other – SO sweet!

Sweet Moments Captured
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