And both in one day! For the last few weeks, we have worked hard to broaden their socialization but today the litter experienced two very unique to Florida experiences and it’s so great that it happened when they are still young. I have many adults that would never fair as well as they did.

It started at 9 AM this morning. Ginny and the pups were napping comfortably in the crate. So much so I had to snap this very photo. They looked so sweet and comfy!! Just a few minutes later the Space Shuttle landed and the sonic boom brought the rest of our dogs to their feet and howling. It’s a startling occurrence for dogs and humans alike – even when you know it’s coming! The puppies were un-bothered – like they are now when I run the vacuum cleaner.  (btw, that takes about 3 weeks of daily exposure to achieve)

Then tonight, while catching up on the evening news, we finally had our first thunderstorm of the season!!! The kind with thunder AND lightening!! Again  – not a move from their nap. And when they did finally wake, they looked out the window at the lit up ski, yawned at the crashes and bangs and sauntered back into the crate to fall back asleep!

Sweet Moments Captured