The older the puppies get the more rambunctious they become. Being cooped up in the pen is not as happy-go-lucky as when they are younger. While it was once a safe barrier that kept them secure from the commotion the others dogs can bring it is now the restraint that keeps them from playing with the other dogs! They do jump back in freely after their play sessions but when they are not freely allowed out, they find creative ways to get our attention.

They are some SUPER smart pups! Taking note of the daily schedule, potty cleans up and what DOES bring us over to the pen. Dirty pee-pads are a sure attention getter, so they have resorted to tearing the pad out of the frame holder. It used to work as they wanted. We would run right over and open the door to get in to replace it. Today I said NO MORE!!! Not a single tinkle on the pad! It’s simply balled up and torn. Once they realized I was not going to let them out, they brought a toy as a pillow to nap with on their shredded mess. Too cute to not capture – But it is still not going to work guys!

Well Wouldn't Ya Know It
One Week Old Today