The girls are 11 weeks old today and putting on weight quite nicely! Lady is still the smallest with her sisters closing in on 3lbs. As they spend more and more time with the rest of our dogs, the comforts of doggy beds have become their first choice when given an option. Since the rest of our dogs have upgraded digs (their new crate covers and mattress/pad sets) I thought I would create a couple sets for when we have puppies.

The puppy versions are fluffy enough to raised their sleeping portion above the bottom bars that their little feet often get held up on. The mattress covers also include a zipper. Since puppy mattress would get soiled daily, I cool the fiber-fill and placed it in a garbage bag before inserting it into the cover. Creating spare covers was a must – so they have clean place to nap while the spoiled one is being washed.

They immediately jumped in and made themselves at home. My latest crafty comforts is officially puppy approved!

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