After three litters, I have learned one major consistency (along with several non-consistent facts) that follows each puppy Blue whelps. They come out big, grow FAST and are way above the textbooks when it comes to development.

Dixie and Ebony are two weeks old today and are already at or over 1 pound in weight. CC, the female from Blue’s previous litter, had the same charted growth at this age and never grew to reach 4lbs. She is a tiny 3 lb. 12oz sweetie. These two could most likely have the same fate!

And at two weeks of age, if you can believe it, the girls are walking! They are wobbly, but up on all fours.  Even with this skill arriving early, they have yet to crawl up and out of the whelping box. And to watch them you would totally understand why!

They are too content to wander! Their rollie pollie bellies show just how comfy and satisfied they are. Especially when they roll onto their backs to sleep after each feast!

They Sure Are Smart!
10 Weeks Old