Cocktail Glass Shaped Dog Tag Craft Project

We are gearing up for our 2010 camping trips and need to get the dog’s gear organized as well. The one thing on the top of that list was a new set of I.D tags. Our last batch was ordered from I loved the tags and the price was awesome! Problem was, the plastic was easily chewed by our more active Chihuahuas. About half of the tags are still legible. The sound of clinking brass or stainless tags was far more of an issues than the chewing. Any time they hear the clinking they bark – I am stuck with plastic.

Then I found the slide on tags. BRILLIANT! even charged less than for my original batch! Since I am creating custom collars to match their new harness vests, the slide-on concept can be used and made “permanent” once I stitch on the clasps.  These will be PERFECT!!!

But this got me thinking – I still need a tag of some sort for their vests! Identification while camping is a must and since they will be sporting BOTH restraints, double is a fantabulous idea. So the crafty side of me emerged and the following is the result…

I created these adorable tags with shrink film, a black Sharpie marker, a box of colored pencils, split rings, jump rings, glittery nail polish and crystal glaze. VOILA!

I love how my prototypes turned out. (Btw, the blurred text is intentional – it’s private contact information 😉  Working out the shrink to size ratio and what mediums work the best took the longest (it takes a MINIMUM of 24 hours for the glaze to dry completely) but  I feel it was well worth the effort. Now I just need to test the durability of the tags! I have a few test subjects on hand  – tee hee – and will share the results once they are in.

They Did Awesome!
11 Weeks Old and Movin On Up