When it comes to camping with the dogs, it is all about exploring the campground and napping in the camper. When I take out the collars, they know we are about to head out on an adventure. That is when their excitement kicks into gear.

This trip has an additional purpose. I am testing the durability of the new harness vests that I made as well as the new dog tags. I was a bit concerned over the intricate cuts in the cocktail glass shape but after a full 24 hours of use, there has not been a single issue. We slapped the harnesses on all of the dogs as we put them in the car to drive out here and won’t remove them until we get home. So far so good!

Today has been HOT and we just came in as the afternoon showers arrived to cool everything off. While we wait out the rain, I came inside to read a book and the boys – ALL OF THE BOYS – have found a need to lay at least one portion of their body onto mine. Too cute!

First Camping Trip
Foxy and Cocoa