You guessed it! the “baby daddy” results are in!!! And now looking back at the dates, it all makes sense….J.B. is officially the father to these two sweet chubber-wubbers!

Thinking back to when J.B. and his brother were this age, they too were highly advanced. So watching Dixie and Ebony, I am reliving the joys of 3 week old active wonders. They are sooooo much like their daddy!

I woke this morning to Dixie staring up at me. She had crawled out of the whelping box and walked over to the side to the bed, whining to get my attention!!! Ebony crawled out too, but found her mommy’s doggy bed and napped in it. This was the sign I needed telling me that is is time to move them to a crate.

I rearranged the x-pens to create two side-by-side play areas for Ginny’s girls to nap on one side and Blue’s on the other. With Dixie and Ebony’s teeth popping through soon, the timing in perfect! They will have easy access to their new diet!

11 Weeks Old and Movin On Up
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