The girls have come to find the playpen as “theirs”. We leave the door open for them to come and go as they wish and they use it appropriately. They jump back in to go potty, take sips of water or to nap after they play.

Mimi, Largo and Lady asleep in the doggy bedToday during one of the boy’s play sessions outside, Dude stayed back. He is usually the first out the door so I couldn’t understand what he was up to. The puppies had just jumped back into the pen and were winding down for their siesta. He is like a grumpy old man that simply walks away from young puppies – usually the opposite side of the hose.What could keep him so memorized? That’s when he laid his cards on the table….

Now that we have scheduled feedings, it appears as though he was waiting for the puppies to fall asleep so he could sneak in an grab a bit of lunch from their food bowl. What a pistol!

Three Weeks and Sitting Up!
Boys in Waiting