Colada is still in heat and possibly throwing Baby into hers. Spending Memorial Day Weekend smack dab in the middle of a State Park is NOT a good idea! They would attract way too many unwanted guests and of course, keeping them separated from the boys in the camper is just not easy to do. Karen has offered to dog-sit the girls while we are gone and I drove out to drop them off this afternoon since we are heading out tomorrow morning.

Baby is our dominant female in the house but usually adjusts perfectly when visiting at other homes. I know she will meet her match with Chica so I cannot wait to get a report on her behavior once we return. I am sure there is be at least on growl session over food or a toy.  But Colada is such a dog’s dog, she will love to play with Karen’s puppies and will love the extra attention for sure!

Baby and Colada marking territory

The moment we got there, I let them potty and Karen and I had to chuckle at their instinctual reaction. BOTH girls walked over to the tree in her yard and marked it! Leg lifting and everything! They made it known to Karen’s Krew they were there!!! I wished they were instead making it known just how appreciative I was for the offer to watch them! They have NO idea how lucky they are 🙂

What a Long and Eventful Day
On Our Way!